Artist Statement:

The work reflects my interest in sustainability and the environment. The capturing of a moment; its inability to be repeated. There is a transcendence of time and matter to a place of connectedness and unconscious. The pieces are a combining, a metamorphosis of intertwining states and moments. Both an unconscious moment and a restorative evocation of a collective state-of-being. The earth and our environment so encompassing yet in tenuous balance. Much of the work is a reflection on water. I am interested in the other worldliness of water its translucent boundary. Life forms that breath water as air. In our birth we separate ourselves from surviving in that atmosphere and yet there are fascinating silent lives that co-exist that we effect every day with our careless plundering above them on a shared planet. My aim is to bring awareness of the boundless beauty and wonderment that is around us that we do not pause to contemplate or see. Like the capturing of a firefly in your hands a fleeting moment of synesthetic grounding. I believe only than can we affectively resonate with in each person the need to work to save our planet. My work is an ecologically sound and necessitative reminder: the environment is not a separate entity rather we are an inseparable part of the whole.